Who We Are


Kartik Kini

Lead Developer / Producer

Kartik does a little bit of everything: visual design, game design, pixel art, project management, front-end coding, and cooking delicious spicy Indian meals. He also works full time at Cartoon Network and enjoys the occasional outdoor adventure… when the weather is nice.


Eric Cook

Lead Programmer

Eric is a Georgia Tech graduate who is working full time at Cartoon Network. He spends most of his free time coding, writing, and creating art, either for games or just as a personal hobby.


Zachary Woomer

Composer / Sound Designer

Hailing from the greater Atlanta area, Zachary is an ever migrating sound designer and composer who gratefully remains shackled to the imagination of his younger, freer self.  He spends most of his days toiling with new sounds and melodies and hopes to use his skills to create an engrossing experience for players and observers alike.


Garrett Stache

2D Artist / Graphic Designer

Garrett is a freelance motion graphics designer and animator, who has worked in broadcast television. He loves making barbecue, eating barbecue, and creating fun and animated art for Finite Reflection.

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