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Two Players, One Cop

TwinCop is a top-down, two-player, twin-stick shooter with a 80's cop action arcade aesthetic.

You and your partner were twins and the best cops in the greater Twin Cities area. But you were horribly maimed in a terrible pontoon boat accident. Using the latest technology, we rebuilt you into the ultimate crime fighting machine: TWINCOP.

You and your partner will fight through waves of villains, thieves, malcontents and Wisconsonites as you try to uncover the terrible secret behind the violence plaguing the city. One controls the left arm, the other controls the right, and together you will kill.



Customize Your Cop(s)

Use our patented Cop-O-Matic to build TWINCOP to your exacting specifications. Choose from eight Exceptional officers, skilled in any and all aspects of law enforcement.

Then seal the deal with a turbo-charged fist-bump.

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two players, one cop

You and your partner will have to coordinate your efforts. One will control the right arm, one will control the left arm, and you will both control the feet.

Synchronize your movements to heal, and unleash twinsanity on the scum PLAGUING the twin cities! 

Use your cooperation to DIFFUSE bombs and complete other unexpectedly difficult minigames. Communication and coordination are key!

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